Our Journey

Our Journey

Move. Play. Learn.

Dance Out Loud is a boutique studio specialising in ballet and creative movement lessons for children aged 18mths – 7years.

Our programs are based on solid foundations of child health, development and psychology, aiming to grow your child’s confidence and relationships with the world around them.

If you are looking for a ‘strict’, ‘traditional’ ballet school, you definitely won’t find that here!

All of our lessons are delivered as fun adventures with lots of movement and giggling. Our dancers learn the fundamentals of ballet organically as we arabesque through magic gardens and jete to the moon!

We promise you will absolutely love sharing in the joy of your child dancing.

Move. Play. Learn.

Welcome to the magical world of Dance Out Loud. We are a glittering dance and creative movement studio catering specially for children aged 18mths- 8yrs.

Our classes were designed by dancer and medical doctor Haylee Solomons, and draw on best practices of child psychology, developmental milestones and movement. We offer ballet and acrobatic arts classes with exciting performance opportunities each term.

What we offer you won’t find anywhere else! We are very different to other studios, where preschoolers can be seen as an ‘after-thought’ to a bustling program catering for all ages. After graduating from Dance Out Loud, our dancers can choose to continue their dancing careers through vocational ballet exams, competitions, or other styles of dance having had the best possible start.

We are proud to be a CDMT ‘Recognised School.’ The Council for Dance, Drama and Musical Theatre is the primary industry body for quality assurance in dance education in the UK, and is a marker for safe, current, and professional providers. Not every school is awarded ‘Recognised School’ status. This is an indication of the quality of technical ballet and acrobatics education we offer.


Haylee Solomons B.Med, MD
Founder, Director

Dr. Haylee Solomons B.Med, MD is the founder and director of Dance Out Loud. She created Dance Out Loud as a special place where children could develop a special love for dancing in a positive, nurturing environment with story-based learning.

Miss Haylee herself is a ballerina, and began dancing at the age of 3 years, just like many of the Dance Out Loud dancers! She obtained her RAD vocational grades in classical ballet and performed as a dancer all over the world. Miss Haylee is a member of the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing (ISTD) and is a certified Acrobatic Arts teacher

Miss Haylee loves to learn. She studied medicine at the University of New South Wales, and worked as a medical doctor in the hospital to make people better.

Miss Haylee brings a wealth of knowledge and experience of dance, health and development to Dance Out Loud, and hopes to create a magical place full of precious moments for young dancers and their families, just as she remembers from her own childhood. Miss Haylee believes that ballet is an activity that builds self-esteem, brings families together, and creates resilient, resourceful adults!