Tutu Ballet 5-7yrs

Dance Crown
Tu-tu much fun! Watch your dancer twirl and jeté through the air!

Our program for 5-7 year olds aims to enrich students with a technically sound dance education whilst building on skills and artistry. All disguised in layers of magic and fun, of course!

Tutu Ballet 5-7yrs

​Dance Out Loud students in Tutu Ballet get comfortable with ballet terminology, and we continue to improve the building blocks we have already mastered such as grand jeté, tendu and pile – even the professional dancers must practice these every day! No previous dance experience is necessary.

Keeping that important creative atmosphere alive each lesson, we build on our dancing skills this year to include arabesque, glissade and other classical ballet moves. Our class sizes are deliberately kept small so your teacher can give each child special attention.

Your dancer will thrive having a healthy physical outlet after a busy day at school, as they create create important habits of exercise that will set the stage for a lifetime of mental and physical wellbeing. No previous dance experience is necessary.


You will be welcomed into the studio for your first lesson, and introduced to some of the other dancers in your class. All lessons begin with a welcome, warm-up dance and skill progression. We learn new concepts each week, and build on these throughout the term and the year! Each class involves a creative movement exercise set to music to inspire young dancers.


We have no set uniform at Dance Out Loud, and your dancer is free to express themselves in an outfit of their choosing. 

For Ballet: Tights, stretchy leggings, a dress, skirt or ballet outfit are all perfect. Bare feet (no socks or stockings) are fine for your first class. We gift you a pair of proper ballet shoes + in-class fitting when you enrol, so no need to buy your own!

You can visit our store for outfit inspiration here:


A bottle of water, a snack for after class, and a big smile!


All classes are £7.00 each week. Term fees are payable at the beginning of the term (or the remainder of the term if you join us in the middle)

What happens after your introductory lessons?

After your introductory lesson, you can keep dancing with us by enrolling at Dance Out Loud.

Once enrolled, your spot is kept in class for a whole year (but you may ‘un-enrol’ if you need to before the year is over)  Term fees are paid at the beginning of each term.

There are three terms each year of 13 weeks in duration that roughly follow the school calendar.

Our lessons are designed to show progress over many weeks, and many years! Unfortunately we do not offer casual or ‘drop-in’ classes.

About Our Studio

Hilldene Centre – 68 High St, West End
(same road as the Ageas Bowl) 

We love our West End Studio, which features beautiful natural light, wooden floors and a fresh ambience – perfect for inspiring our dancers.

Free on-site parking – no time limit!

Accessible toilets – for all your needs

Kitchen facilities and lounge area