FAQ – Everything You Need To Know

Everything You Need To Know

What is Dance Out Loud, anyway?

Dance Out Loud is a boutique ballet and creative movement studio catering specially to children aged 18mths-7yrs. Our glittery story-based classes were designed by dancer and medical doctor Haylee Solomons, and draw on best practices of child psychology, developmental milestones and movement.

Do you offer an introductory class?

For the few who need it, we offer a ‘Happiness Guaranteed’ introductory class prior to enrolling at Dance Out Loud. This gives little ones the chance to get to know us, and overcome any nerves or shyness. Our Happiness Guarantee means that if your little one is having an ‘off’ day during their introductory class, we will book them into the following week free of charge. The cost of our introductory class is £5.


What are your fees?

£6.50 per class
£15 registration fee at the start of each year
£5 introductory class (with ‘Happiness Guarantee’)

When you enrol with us, your spot in class is guaranteed for the whole year (september-september), which is made up of 3 x 13 week terms, quite similar like the school calendar. It is okay if you are not sure about committing for the year – you can cancel your enrolment at any time. Most people, however find that their little dancers would come to ballet every day if they could!

For convenience, we use direct debit to collect all fees. Fees will be collected one week prior to the start of each term.

Can we come on a casual basis?

Our lessons are designed to see progression and improvement in children over the course of each term, and each year, and so we unfortunately do not offer drop-in classes. We do, however instil in little ones a sense of commitment and a positive relationship with regular exercise that lasts a lifetime!

ballerina  ballet-shoes

What should I wear?

We have no uniform at Dance Out Loud. Your dancer is free to wear whatever makes them feel amazing – shorts, skirt, ballet outfit, tutu, dress-ups! All are welcome.

On the feet: For the introductory class, bare feet will be perfect (no stockings or socks, as these are too slippery!) Ballet slippers are available to purchase from Dance Out Loud for £9 on request.

Can I stay to watch the class?

We like to encourage our dancers to experience ballet class with confidence and independence. Grownups are welcome into the studio to share in the joy and success of their dancer’s learning during Watching Weeks at the beginning, middle and end of term. At other times, Grownups are welcome to have a cup of tea and some quiet time in the foyer.