ballet trial pack!

Step inside the studio for TWO obligation-free trial ballet lessons for just £10 (that’s less than a coffee each!). Let the magic begin…

Simply enter your details and select a class from the timetable below. You will be directed to complete your payment of £10 for your ballet trial pack, and you will receive a confirmation email. We collect all trial payments via Go Cardless, only £10 will be debited. No recurring payments will be set up.

We are really excited to welcome you along to class…

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We are back in the studio for in-person lessons and looking forward to seeing you. 

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Does your child

love to Dance?

Dance Out Loud is a magical dance school for all children aged 18mths – 8years. Join in our dance adventures as we swim under the sea to meet the mermaids, fly through the sky with dragons, and tippy-toe like fairies through the enchanted forest.

We offer a special Intro Pack at Dance Out Loud where you receive:

TWO beautiful ballet lessons with a nurturing and engaging teacher in the studio

ONE engaging online ballet adventure lesson with a Dance Out Loud teacher to practice your ballet steps at home

A ‘Welcome Pack’ including a sticker card for your dancer when they arrive for their trial lesson with us!

Watch your child

sparkle as

they take their

first ballet steps

with us.


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Fairy Ballet – 4-5yrs

Fairies fly and create wonderful dance magic! Your child will love exploring storytelling through dance and song as they grow in confidence and develop a strong foundation in classical ballet!

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Tutu Ballet – 5-7yrs

Leap and twirl with abandon like a real ballerina! Enrich your dancer with a technically sound dance education all disguised in layers of magic and fun!

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Academy Ballet – 5-7yrs

Ballet classes for the more ‘serious’ dancer.
We offer beautiful Academy Ballet classes perfect for those who are curious about pursuing ballet exams. A more structured class.

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Stomp and Roar – 3-6yrs

Twirl like Angry Birds, stomp like a T-Rex and leap over the dragon’s nest in this dynamic, imaginative dance class tailored for boys. Watch as your little boy learns musicality, spatial awareness, interpersonal skills, and the foundations of all dance – ballet!

More Than Just a Dance Class

Dance Out Loud will take your child on a special journey of dance magic as they grow in confidence, creativity and joy with each class.

Our programmes were specially designed for growing bodies and minds by former medical doctor and real-life ballerina Haylee Solomons using the stages of child development. This unique recipe ensures our children blossom as resilient humans, and as beautiful dancers!

​Join us as we embark on our wonderful adventures together!

Why dance with us?

Free ballet gift when you join us!

Dance on a professional stage in a sequin tutu in our annual Recital!

Work towards our Academy Ballet ballet graduation exam!

Set the stage for lifelong love of dance and movement

We are a CDMT “recognised school” award holder (not everyone has this UK industry body recognition)

We are a local studio – not a franchise. Our classes are small for personal attention

Grownups get to watch their dancers progress throughout the term at beginning, middle and end!

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What happens after your introductory lessons?

After your two introductory lessons, you can keep dancing with us by enrolling at Dance Out Loud. 

Once enrolled, your spot is kept in class for a whole year (but you may ‘un-enrol’ if you need to before the year is over) Each lesson is £7 (inclusive of VAT) and term fees are paid at the beginning of each term.

There are three terms each year of 13 weeks in duration that roughly follow the school calendar.

Our lessons are designed to show progress over many weeks, and many years! Unfortunately we do not offer casual or ‘drop-in’ classes.

When you enrol with us you receive a special ballet gift to help you to practice at home!

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About Us


Welcome to the magical world of Dance Out Loud. We are a glittering dance and creative movement studio catering specially for children aged 18mths-8yrs. Our classes were designed by dancer and medical doctor Haylee Solomons, and draw on best practices of child psychology, developmental milestones and movement. In January 2023 the school was handed over to Hayley Stevens, owner and director of DM Dance in Southampton.

What we offer you won’t find anywhere else! We are very different to other studios, where preschoolers can be seen as an ‘after-thought’ to a bustling program catering for all ages. After graduating from Dance Out Loud, our dancers can choose to continue their dancing careers through vocational ballet exams, competitions, or other styles of dance having had the best possible start.

We are proud to be a CDMT ‘Recognised School.’ The Council for Dance, Drama and Musical Theatre is the primary industry body for quality assurance in dance education in the UK, and is a marker for safe, current, and professional providers. Not every school is awarded ‘Recognised School’ status. This is an indication of the quality of technical ballet education we offer.

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About Our Studios

West End

Hilldene Centre – 68 High St, West End
(same road as the Ageas Bowl) 

We love our West End Studio, which features beautiful natural light, wooden floors and a fresh ambience – perfect for inspiring our dancers.

Free on-site parking – no time limit!

Accessible toilets – for all your needs

Kitchen facilities and lounge area 

Chandler’s Ford

Hiltingbury Sports Hall – Hiltingbury Rd SO53 5NP

(Next door to ‘The Hilt’) 

Our Chandler’s Ford studios are inside the brand new Sports Pavilion with state of the art facilities. The bright, airy studio is our largest, and staff are always on hand to help.

Free on-site parking – no time limit!

Accessible toilets – for all your needs


The Newlands Community Centre – Marrelsmoor Ave, Berewood PO7 3BX


The newly built and centrally located Newlands Community Centre is bright and flooded with natural light. A beautiful place to take your first ballet steps! 

Free on-site parking – no time limit!

Accessible toilets – for all your needs


Can I stay and watch the class?

In Dance With Me and Butterfly Ballet, grownups join in! Whilst we normally have Watching Weeks at the beginning, middle and end of the term.

Can I bring my other children?

Brothers and sisters are welcome to sit and watch quietly on their grownup’s lap/in a buggy. If siblings are upset, or fussing we kindly ask that you step outside to settle in order to minimise distractions in class. To avoid disappointment, Brothers and Sisters MUST purchase an introductory pack if they wish to join in.

I am worried that my child will be shy. What if they don’t join in?

It is very common for little dancers (no matter how confident) to be shy for the first few lessons. So many different things happen in ballet class it can be overwhelming! That is why we offer a ‘Happiness Guarantee’. If your child doesn’t LOVE their first lesson, you are welcomed back next week at no cost to you. We also have a few tips and tricks to encourage shy dancers if needs be.

Do I have to dance?

In Dance With Me, one parent must dance with their child throughout the whole class. This is very important to help our youngest dancers focus throughout the lesson. We encourage all grownups (no matter their age) to dance as often and as joyfully as possible!

What does my child have to wear?

We have no uniform at Dance Out Loud. Dancers may come in whatever they feel fabulous wearing! Tights, shorts, tutus, dress-ups, all are welcome. Bare feet are perfect for your first class with us. Please no socks or tights, as these are too slippery for dancing. You are able to purchase your ballet shoes from our online store (Don’t forget to size two sizes up) 

Shoes and ballet outfits:



I have more questions. Who should I ask?

Please get in touch with Miss Haylee and Chloe the Office Fairy at hello@danceoutloud.co with any and all questions you may have. We LOVE talking about ballet